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Using of the Service

We are striving to keep the service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week excluding service works or any unexpected circumstances causing website unavailability. We provide online email support, however, we do not guarantee all the requests will be responded. Under no circumstances we are responsible for any claim, loss or other liability whether it is the result of this agreement or any other nature.

Acceptable Use

Your use of the Website and the Service must not violate any applicable laws, including copyright or trademark laws, export control laws, or other laws in your jurisdiction. You are responsible for making sure that your use of the Service is in compliance with laws and any applicable regulations.

Content Restrictions

You can only store code snippets of your own or open-source projects on PasteCode.dev for sharing with your colleagues and friends. This service is intended solely for the collaboration of developers.

  • password lists, API keys, secret keys, certificates
  • any material without the owner's permission
  • any copyrighted or stolen material
  • any leaked or hacked data
  • any personal data
  • email conversations or IM chat transcripts
  • links that point to deep, pornographic, illegal websites
  • links that point to copyrighted material, including torrent magnets
  • banking, credit card, or any financial data
  • political, sexist, deceptive, racist, and profanity material
  • any data and material that should not be seen by others
  • spam texts

Services Usage Limits

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate or copy any portion of the Website or the Service, and not to sell, resell or exploit use of or access to the Website or the Service, without PasteCode.dev express prior written permission. Nor will you use any Content (other than Your Content) for any purpose other than your own personal or internal business, specifically excluding any creation of products or services to make available to others without our express prior written permission. For avoidance of doubt, any permission we may grant will in all cases exclude the ability to publish, redistribute, or otherwise make any Content available to third parties (as distinguished from a cybersecurity, anti-counterfeiting, other similar product or tool you may develop using Content but that does not itself result in redistribution of the Content) unless you have written permission to do so directly from the User who posted the Content.

Display and Transfers

You acknowledge that all use of the Website and Service is for your own personal or internal business purposes, specifically excluding any sharing, selling, or providing of Content, products or services to others without express written permission from us or the owner of the User Generated Content you wish to use.


Scraping refers to extracting data from our website via an automated process, such as a bot or webcrawler. Scraping is strictly prohibited unless you have direct approval. You can request it via the contact form.

Excessive Bandwidth Use

If we determine your bandwidth usage to be significantly excessive in relation to other PasteCode.dev customers, we reserve the right to suspend your account or throttle your file hosting until you reduce your bandwidth consumption.

Intellectual Property

Using, copying and spreading the information from this site is forbidden without the prior written consent.

Changes to the Service

We are free to amend terms of use. If you’re using PasteCode.dev, you accept current terms of use. We draw your attention that amendments can be made without notice. Please crosscheck the terms of use occasionally.

How to contact us

Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns not already addressed in these terms of use.

Last Update: 20.08.2023